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Summer fun for young carers

Looking after someone with Huntington’s disease can be a lot of hard work, both physically and emotionally.

But it’s especially difficult when you’re a teenager and it’s your mum or dad who’s affected.

Huntington’s disease is an inherited, degenerative neurological disease which destroys a part of the brain.

It causes involuntary movements, loss of coordination and problems with memory and mental health.

As well as being carers, these youngsters know they have a 50% chance of developing the condition themselves.

Jeans for Genes funded a five day Summer camp for the Scottish Huntington’s Association for young people affected by Huntington’s disease.  They could try abseiling, archery, kayaking and had time to talk and make new friends.

Up to now, the break has been just two days but the money you raised help to more than double their time away.

Here are just some of their comments:

  • “Five days was a lot better than the weekend camps.  It gave you more time to get to know people.”
  • “It was brilliant, but 2 weeks would have been better!”
  • “I think this is one of the best things I have ever been on.  And it really helps to meet other people in the same situation like yourselves.”
  • “You feel less lonely knowing there’s others “like you”.  Having a talk really strengthened that feeling, cause you could feel and hear about the others’ situations. You just felt connected.”

Kirsten Walker, Youth Advisor for SHA, says; “The young people had told us although they really enjoyed the chance to relax, escape their caring responsibilities and make friends, two days just wasn’t long enough.

“Jeans for Genes have helped us to give them what they asked for and they’ve had a real holiday away from the stresses in their everyday lives.”