Information for Current Grant Holders - Jeans for Genes

Information for Current Grant Holders

This section of the website contains information and guidance for organisations who have been awarded a Jeans or Genes grant.


If you are offered a Jeans for Genes grant, you will receive a Grant Agreement letter outlining what the grant is for, the amount, funding period, and any associated conditions. This will be accompanied by our General Grant Terms and Conditions. You should confirm that you wish to accept our grant as soon as possible by returning the declaration form that is attached to your Grant Agreement letter.


Grants will be paid after we have received your signed declaration form and confirmed your bank details, we anticipate this will be in December 2022.


We’re keen to use The Jeans for Genes grant programme as an opportunity to create a learning and awareness raising partnership with the charities that we fund.  Jeans for Genes will shine a spotlight on the experiences of families in the UK living with a genetic condition, and the wonderful work of our charity partners and ask that our charity partners help us raise awareness of the Jeans for Genes campaign and it’s impact.

Acknowledging our Funding:  We ask that our charity partners promote their Jeans for Genes Day grant in their newsletters and on social media.  You are welcome to use our logo appropriately in any communications about work we are supporting.  You can download our logo here:

We will also provide you with a bespoke Jeans for Genes Partnership logo incorporating your organisation’s logo (example below) which we ask that you display on your organisation’s website for a duration of one year following the awarding of a grant.


Announcing our Funding:  If you want to acknowledge our funding in a press release or any other type of media coverage, please send a copy of the draft press release to Danielle Singleton, Community and Grants Officer first:

Danielle can also provide general information and standard paragraphs about Jeans for Genes to include in your press releases, if this is helpful.

Shining a Light on your Phenomenal Work:  Where possible, we ask our charity partners to provide us with quotes, photos, case studies and/or videos demonstrating your charity’s work in action to use on the Jeans for Genes website, social media platforms and fundraising materials to help us communicate to the public why signing up to hold a Jeans for Genes Day is so important.


The Jeans for Genes Grant programme has two funding strands and each funding strand has different monitoring and reporting requirements.  Please refer to your original Grant Agreement letter where we will have set out what we would like to receive from you in terms of monitoring and reporting.


If you have any feedback about the Jeans for Genes grant application process or thoughts about what the experience of working with Jeans for Genes over the lifetime of your grant has been like for your organisation, please do email us at  Alternatively, please give our Community and Grants Officer, Danielle a call on 07983 839914.