Jeans for Genes Grant Programme - Jeans for Genes

Jeans for Genes Grant Programme

The Jeans for Genes grant programme is open for applications between 1 September and 16 October 2022 and through this grant programme we are trying to achieve two ambitious impact goals:

  • Organisations serving the genetic condition community become stronger, more resilient and sustainable improving their ability to meet need and provide appropriate support in the long term; and
  • Every individual in the UK living with a genetic condition and their family is able to access the appropriate support at the time they need it so that they feel supported, valued and included.

In order to work towards these impact goals, the 2022 Jeans for Genes Grant Programme will  be comprised of two strands of funding:

  • Core costs – we will award front line, genetic condition charities single year grants of up to £3,000 towards their organisation’s core costs to enable them to be in a stronger, more resilient position to continue to provide vital support to their communities, in the long term.
  • Project funding – we will award single year project grants of up to £5,000 to a wide range of organisations working within the genetic condition community so that individuals living with a genetic condition and their families can access the right support at the time they need it.

We operate a simple one stage application process for both funding strands but each strand has its own eligibility criteria, funding priorities, maximum grant size, application form and monitoring requirements. These are summarised below and the application pack for each funding strand will be available to download on 1 September 2022.

Please note we can only accept one grant application per charity each year.  You cannot apply to both funding strands.

To ensure that you are applying to the correct strand, we strongly encourage all applicants to call us before submitting an application. Our Community and Grants Officer, Danielle Singleton can be contacted on 07983 839914.

The Jeans for Genes Grant Programme is now closed for applications.