Can't wear jeans? - Jeans for Genes

Can't wear jeans?

We know that sometimes, wearing jeans might be tricky if you have an important client coming in. Or maybe you’re one of those cool organisations where everyone wears jeans all the time. Fear not, there are many ways to still take part in Jeans for Genes and raise money for the genetic condition community!

You may not wear jeans, but you can….

  • Va-va-Zoom your fundraiser – lead an online class through Facebook Live or Instagram Live.  It could be yoga, pilates, Tai Chi or good old fashion Jane Fonda work out.  Set up a JustGiving page and ask friends, family and colleagues for a donation to Jeans for Genes to attend.
  • Bake a real difference. Hold a coffee morning/ team lunch in the office and bring in some homemade treats and delicious store bought delights for your work buddies.  Everyone loves a treat and what better way to show their appreciation than with a donation to Jeans for Genes!
  • Buzz word jar/Corporate Bingo-meter. Entirely down to you how you play this one! Pick a buzz word such as ‘tea’ and charge £1 each time someone uses it. Want to go a step further and play corporate bingo? Write a list of those word that we all know get used too much in business… ‘going forward’, ‘blue sky thinking’, ‘ball park’… charge £2 to enter and the first person to call ‘house’ gets half of the profit, with the rest being donated to Jeans for Genes! You’ll soon see those £1’s add up!  Infact, make it a bucket.  Contact us at for donation bucket!
  • Gene n’ Tonic, anyone? When the clock strikes five, why not serve up a few drinks to celebrate your day of epic Jeans for Genes fundraising? Whether a mocktail or a cheeky tipple, throw in a donation to charity, raise your glasses and say a big ‘cheers’ for everyone’s efforts!

You wear nothing BUT jeans so you can always….

  • Do all of the above in your much loved denim, just having paid £2 for charity to do so!
  • Go all out double or triple denim. Go on. We dare are you!
  • Play our new, online ‘How do you wear yours?’ sweepstake. Play with family, friends, group or your local community by downloading our sweepstake poster. For a £2 donation per person, pick one of the fun items to wear with your jeans – simple! The winning item will be revealed on the 3rd October on the Jeans for Genes website and social media sites so keep your eyes peeled! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and share on social media to see all the other people in your chosen sweepstake team across the country!

Plenty of ways to get involved and take part to show your support of the 1 in 10 families affected by a genetic condition here in the UK.

We’d love to know what you choose to do. Don’t forget to tag us in your social posts using #JeansForGenes #TeamDenim or email us with your activity pics at We can’t wait to see what you get up to!