Jeans for Genes - The Listening Space

The Listening Space

Welcome to the new Jeans for Genes Listening Space. We’re delighted that you’re here!

The aim of The Listening Space is to create a safe space where you can share, in your own words, your experiences of living with a genetic condition and supporting and/or caring for those who do.

We know that the country is seeing rising levels of social, emotional, and economic need and that the genetic condition community is being disproportionately affected.

We’re open to hearing what things are really like for you. There is no set agenda, no closed questions and no word limit.

We encourage you to use the Listening Space platform to write freely about any positive or challenging experiences you are comfortable sharing.

Through gathering collective voices, we aim to identify key themes from the community, which will not only inform how we take things forward as a funder, but also shape the messages we take out to the wider world to influence others so that we can move forward together to create a world where everyone with a genetic condition feels support, valued and included.