Nursery checklist Genetic Disorders UK - Jeans for Genes


Getting Ready


  1. Get a team together. Decide what extra fundraising activities you’re going to include and pull together a small team to help you. You can print extra posters and stickers from our website, and don’t forget to collect a supply of money bags from the bank.
  2. Shout about our cause. Set up your JustGiving page. Put up your posters, send out a Letter to Parents, and create a press release to let your local media know all about your Jeans for Genes Day.
  3. Be social. Your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts are brilliant tools to help spread the word. Remember to follow us too!


The Big Day


  1. Overdo it in Denim! Don your denim and enjoy all the activities you have organised. Your spirit and enthusiasm will be infectious.
  2. Collect donations. Remind parents about your JustGiving page. If you are using the collection box, ask adults to complete the GiftAid form. We will get an extra 25% from the government.
  3. Show us what you’ve been doing. Don’t forget to Tweet us and share your photos on Facebook and Instagram! Use the #JeansForGenes.


After the Day


  1. Round it up. Make sure you collect any late payments and money raised by extra activities.
  2. Make the payment. Remind parents about your JustGiving page in case anyone has forgotten to donate. Or bag up all the funds, complete your giro slip and ask every donating adult to fill in the Gift Aid form. Then take these to any branch of Barclays or most other high street banks and building societies. Or write a cheque for the total amount raised and post it to us.
  3. Be proud. You’ve just made a real difference to the lives of thousands of children in the UK living with life-altering genetic disorders. Display the Thank You certificate we will send you!