Jeans for Genes Day - fundraising ideas at your nursery

Nursery school fundraising ideas

Thanks for your interest – how incredible are you that you like to do more on Jeans for Genes Day.

Here is a list of brilliant ideas from over the years.  They might be exactly what you are looking for or give you a seed of an idea that you’d like to do yourself.  If you have any questions or queries though, please let us know – we’re here and happy to help!

Just one last note : please be safe, act sensibly but have fun while you’re doing it!

  • Sponsored Denim Challenge. If you’d like to make this extra special, why not organise a sponsored event? Whether it’s a sponsored dance, draw, swim, walk, spelling, silence, knit, drum roll – it’s a great way to get people involved with fund and awareness raising.
  • Best Denim Drawing. We have a new ‘Denim Dog’ who just loves to play with children and needs a little colour.  Why don’t you download the sheets and get colouring!  And while you are colouring in, ‘Denim Dog’ doesn’t have a name yet – why don’t you name them?  Email your suggested names to – yours could be the winning name!
  • Guess how many sweets. We all love a sweetie or two.  Why don’t you fill a jar full of sweets, charge people to guess how many sweets in the jar and the closest person gets to take all the yummy treats home.
  • Jars for Jeans. While talking about sweets, why not fill a selection of different size jars – from very small to jam jar size – with treats and sweets and charge for the whole jar.   You could also design your own ‘Jeans for Genes’ labels to go on the front.  Don’t forget to take pictures and show us!
  • Denim arts and crafts. Do you like making things? Why not have a go at making some denim friendship bracelets from old, unwanted jeans and give them a new lease of life.  You can sell them at your school fete or to the teachers or your parents.


We also have some great virtual fundraising ideas to bring you and your school together too.  Don’t forget to share what you’re doing – we want to see ALL your incredible ideas and it all as it happens, so join our social platforms and don’t forget to tag us in! [link here].  Happy fundraising!