Fundraising ideas Jeans for Genes Day - fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

Denim bakes

Bake up a batch of blue cupcakes or biscuits, stir up some blue lemonade and sell your blue treats.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Ask your toddlers to bring in their favourite teddy (dressed in denim, of course) and charge a small amount to take part.

Decorate your denim

Jeans for Genes Day buttons, glitter, pom poms. The more overdone the better!

Denim party

Pin the tail on the denim donkey, pass the denim parcel, and not forgetting denim sack races!

Make a Denim Dolly

Visit our art and crafts web page to download your denim dolly template.

Make a clay double helix

Visit our arts and crafts  web page to download your list of materials and instructions for making your very own clay double helix.

Denim puppet show

Put on a puppet show for your nursery, charging a small fee to watch, or get all the children involved by making their own denim-ised puppet and performing for their parents!

Collect spare change

Ask parents to collect it and try out one of these ideas at your nursery: make a mile of pennies, have a jar for each child and see who can fill it first or line it up around the classroom walls.

Get parents cooking

If you love cooking and eating, try a food-based event for parents like a coffee morning, afternoon tea, or charity lunch. You can charge for all the delicious food and drinks, or ask for an entry fee.

Denim summer fete

Why not host a social event for families at your nursery? Try a summer fete with games, cakes, tombola and a raffle, charging for each.

Denim sports day

For all the athletic types, why not set up some sporting challenges, such as the egg and spoon race, denim sack race or heel-to-toe race, and charge everyone to take part in the challenges? Award some denim-themed prizes to the winners!