Jeans for Genes Day - fundraising ideas - at your school

Primary school fundraising ideas

Well, thank you for coming here to have a look for additional ideas – how brilliant are you?

Please find below some wonderful ideas from our supporters over the years.  They might give you an idea of what you’d like to do or come up with your own brand new one – any questions or queries – we’re here and happy to help! (Psst, also if you do have a great idea – let us know at

Just one last note : please be safe, act sensibly but have fun while you’re doing it!

  • Sponsored Denim Challenge. If you’d like to make this extra special, why not organise a sponsored event? Whether it’s a sponsored dance, draw, swim, walk, spelling, silence, knit, drum roll – it’s a great way to get people involved with fund and awareness raising.
  • Design-a-denim. If you are very into sustainable clothes and love arts & crafts, why not offer a small fee to embellish, glitter, or bedazzle old jeans?  If they have jeans that they love but are now a little worn, give them a new lease of life with a new look and why not arrange a fashion show to model them at the end of the week.
  • Denim Danish or Doughnut delights. Why not add more money to your donation by embracing your inner Mary Berry and arranging a bake sale.  Charity benefits from your kindness and everyone enjoys a tasty treat too!
  • Denim Decathalon. Who fancies getting sporty in their denim?  Why not bring 10 of the absolute classics from Sports Day together and organise a tournament with teams?  Why not have a space hopper race, egg and spoon race, bean bag throw, hula hoop race, football slalom, three legged race, wellie wanging, bean bag on the head race, skipping race, tug of war ending with the ultimate in races – the sack race!  Don’t forget to get a teachers team together (or include a teacher in every team) and do it in denim!  Charge people to take part and charge the teachers not to share videos on social media!!
  • Jam for Genes. Get your double denim out and hold a denim rock concert – charge for tickets and make extra money by serving up some blue lemonade.

We also have some great virtual fundraising ideas to bring you and your school together too.  Don’t forget to share what you’re doing – we want to see ALL your incredible ideas and it all as it happens, so join our social platforms and don’t forget to tag us in! Happy fundraising!