Jeans for Genes Day - Promote your event
Jeans for Genes Day - Promote your event

Promote your event

Taking part in Jeans for Genes Day is something to be proud of. The more people you tell about your Jeans for Genes Day, the more people will get involved and donate.

  • Set up your JustGiving page.
  • Shout about what you’re up to on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, remember to use the hashtag #jeansforgenes. Send emails and stick up posters in your school.
  • Download and print off our template letter to parents that will tell them all about Jeans for Genes Day. You can edit the letter and add in your own information and the school’s details. It also helps to remind parents and carers to give the pupils a £1 to bring in.

Let local media know

Contact local newspapers, and radio and TV stations – they’re sure to be interested and it’s a great way to spread the word in your community. We’ve created a template press release for you. Tailor it to your school with the hints and tips below.

You can download our press release template or you can write your own.

Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Keep it short and snappy – say exactly what you’ll be doing, where and when
  2. Give it a bold headline such as: ‘Teachers become One Direction in fundraising concert on Jeans for Genes Day.’
  3. Include a quote from someone at your school explaining why you’re taking part in the Day
  4. Invite a reporter and a photographer to a colourful and fun photo call. For example, the teachers performing as One Direction
  5. Include the name of the person the media should contact at your school and a telephone number. Make sure that person is available to talk to on the Day
  6. Send your press release by email or by post to the news editor of your local paper or the reporter who covers stories in your area. If you’re going to contact your local radio station, make sure one of your staff is a good talker
  7. Send out the press release seven days before your event. Ring round the day before to remind them what you’re doing
  8. Don’t be disappointed if no-one comes to see you on the Day. Newsrooms are very busy but the more interesting your event, the more chance you have that it’s you they’ll come to see you.