Toddlers Unite - Jeans for Genes

Toddlers Unite

Calling all students and staff – we need you!

We’re challenging you to ‘toddle’ approximately 6,000 cms (or 60 metres) for Jeans for Genes.

Why 6,000 you ask? Well, there is currently around 6,000 identified genetic conditions across the world. Some are more well-known and affect lots of people, whilst others are very rare with only a few people in the world living with the condition.

So, for each step/ metre you complete, you’re turning your efforts into tangible and life changing pounds! Everyone’s experience is as unique as they are and we aim to fund projects and charities that can offer the right support at times when people need it most.

By taking part in the Jeans for Genes challenge this September – whether on the school field, around the playground, in your local park or even your back garden – your 6,000 cms /or 60 metres will be done alongside thousands taking part in nursery schools across the UK! That’s a lot of denim!

To take part simply,

  • Set your date during the week of the 19th to the 25th of September.
  • Choose a location for your event.
  • Download a sponsor sheet and hand around your family and friends to raise money for genetic condition projects in the UK (if you’re feeling the digital, you can also set up a unique fundraising page on Just Giving).
  • Get together and get running/walking/wheeling!
  • Don’t forget to take pictures and share any photos (don’t forget to ask for permission) across our social media channels using #JeansforGenes #ToddlersUnite and adding the name of your school.
  • Have loads of fun!
  • Collect and pay in your donations.
  • Feel great about being part of a positive wave of change- you even get a certificate to download!
  • Keep in touch and we’ll update you on the amazing impact of your funding

Happy FUN’d raising – we can’t wait to hear all about it!