Virtual fundraising ideas
Virtual fundraising ideas

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

We hope you are back in your office but if you are still at home, we have some great virtual fundraising ideas to bring you and your colleagues together and to keep funding our support and care services running during this most challenging time.

  • Virtual Jeans for Genes Day – jump into your jeans and set up a company get together on Zoom to strut your denim stuff! You can make your donation in online or with a JustGiving page
  • Virtual Don’t cancel your Jeans for Genes Day celebrations, host them via Zoom! The webcam is the new selfie! Everyone can be creative from the comfort of their home. Play games or try video charades. Make the most of your virtual party and create a JustGiving page. Ask your guests to donate the money they would have spent on their commute.
  • Virtual Beans for Genes coffee morning – have a cup of coffee at home, donate what you would have paid for your favourite brew and post a selfie #BeansForGenes
  • Virtual denim baking class! With so many food photos posted online it’s not a big leap to offer a blue baking class to your network of colleagues, friends and family – blueberry muffins, blue cupcakes or jean-clad gingerbread men! Pop on a blue apron, switch on Facebook Live and channel your inner Candice Brown! Set up a JustGiving page to gather donations from all those participating.
  • Virtual Jam for Genes – if you have a musical talent, take it online with a virtual gig through Facebook or Instagram live. Set up a JustGiving page so that those who join you can donate.
  • EBAY denim upcycle sales. Got some old jeans? jazz-up your jeans with pom-poms and patches and sell them on Ebay. Donate the money to Jeans for Genes.
  • Stairway challenge – which mountain will you climb? Choose a summit, work out how many times you need to climb your stairs and then plan the time needed to complete your challenge. Set a fundraising target and then create a fundraiser on Facebook or JustGiving. Don’t forget to tell everyone you are doing this whilst at home – the cheers and donations will come flying in
  • Virtual Jean-ius Pub Quiz. Use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts to hold a virtual jean-ius pub quiz. Set up a JustGiving page and ask your guests to donate to take part.
  • Online Aerobics. Go back 25 years with an old school aerobics class. Lead your virtual class through Facebook live or Instagram Live, set up a JustGiving page and ask for a donation for friends and colleagues to attend.
  • Virtual Gene and Tonic Happy Hour. Adjusting to remote working can be challenging. We miss seeing our co-workers. So why not set up a regular virtual happy hour with donations at the price of your favourite drink. If you would rather keep the socializing non-alcoholic, try our virtual Beans for Genes coffee morning instead!
  • Donate your lunch or commuting money. Ask colleagues to donate the money they would have spent on shop-bought lunches or their commute whilst you’re working from home to your JustGiving page
  • Guess the weight of the blue cake. Bake a blue cake, post a photo of it on your company’s Twitter and charge colleagues £2 to guess the weight. The winner can win a bake from you once you’re back in the office!
  • Merchandise Buy our Jeans for Genes logo branded T-shirt, take a selfie, and share on your social media platforms. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #JeansForGenesDay