10 reasons to join in - Jeans for Genes
10 reasons to join in - Jeans for Genes

10 reasons to join in

Make your Jeans for Genes Day a huge success.  Our ‘ten reasons’ will get everyone behind you.

  1. It’s fun and simple to organise.  All you have to do is ask people to come to work in their jeans and make a donation of £2
  2. It’s a great way to bring a team, a floor or the whole company together
  3. It can help to raise the profile of your organisation – highlight your fundraising in your annual report, on your website and in your local paper or trade magazine
  4. Staff will think it’s great – the boss will look good for letting you all wear your jeans
  5. Although, individually, genetic disorders are rare, together they are the biggest killer of children 14 and under
  6. Create a bit of role reversal and give the boss a ‘day off’ – sponsor him or her to make the tea or do the photocopying
  7. £350 will pay for a child with a genetic disorder to spend a weekend away with other children like them, supported by trained medical staff
  8. Wearing jeans and having some fun in the office starts the weekend that bit earlier
  9. Raising money on Jeans for Genes Day helps your company to meet its corporate social responsibility targets
  10. The fun and fundraising don’t have to stop at 5.30pm.  Make a night of it, serve a ‘gene and tonic’ drinks trolley and hold a pub quiz or karaoke night at the local pub!