Can't wear jeans? - Jeans for Genes
Can't wear jeans? - Jeans for Genes

Can't wear jeans?

Can’t wear jeans to work?  Or wear them all the time?  There’s no reason why you can’t be part of Jeans for Genes Day.

Jeans are a great reminder of the ‘genes’ that you’re raising money for. But we know that for some of you they’re not appropriate for the office – or you wear nothing but! We’ve got ideas of how you can get involved, whatever your denim dilemma.

We can’t wear jeans

  1. Keep it simple and ask everyone to come in wearing something blue – socks, a blue tie, scarf or blue nail varnish.
  2. Set up a nail bar at your desk and charge a fee for painting your colleagues nails denim blue.
  3. Sponsor the boss to staff the phones, serve on the till or make the tea.
  4. Organise a ‘guess the baby’ competition with a difference.  Ask your team to bring in photos of their parents or children.  Charge an entry fee, decide on a prize for the most right answers and see if you can spot who’s related to who.
  5. Organise a drinks trolley.  Charge a fee for Friday afternoon ‘gene & tonics’ or a ‘blue jean’ cocktail.
  6. Hold a Jeanius Quiz. As an alternative to prizes you could raffle off treats instead: a duvet day or a 2 hour lunch break.
  7. Hold a denim themed bake sale. Think jean-clad gingerbread men, denim doughnuts or blueberry muffins.

We wear jeans every day!

  1. Try double-denim! Or even triple denim!
  2. Dress up your jeans with a theme.  Be cowboys, rock stars, or lumberjacks and farmhands – the professions that wore jeans first!
  3. Even if you always wear jeans you can proudly show your support with a stylish Jeans for Genes logo T-shirt.
  4. Have a bad taste day and team your jeans with a jacket with shoulder pads, a satin shirt or a Hawaiian holiday shirt!
  5. Go all out and make it fancy dress.
  6. Put the entire management team up for auction and the highest bidders get them to work as their PAs for the Day.