Jeans for Genes Fundraising Ideas - Tips and Advice
Jeans for Genes Fundraising Ideas - Tips and Advice

Fundraising ideas

If you are back in the office then please do use some of our favourite fundraising ideas below – you will need to be creative with some of these to satisfy social-distancing guidelines because not all of these ideas are suitable without some adaptation! Where appropriate, you could scale down activities to single departments or floors rather than across the entire workplace.

Please do make sure that everyone who takes part is suitably protected at all times and that your fundraising efforts are safe for all involved.

If you are still at home, we have some great virtual fundraising ideas to bring you and your colleagues together.

Ways you can help us raise even more money on Jeans for Genes Day

  1. Bake a massive difference. Make and sell blueberry muffins for a business breakfast or blue cupcakes for an afternoon tea celebration. You know anything involving cake always goes down a treat!
  2. Hold a raffle with denim or blue prizes. Hold a raffle or tombola in your office with 25 donated denim or blue prizes. Or you could have a good old game of musical bingo, seeing who can identify all the songs from years ago. Charge everyone to take part.
  3. Denim manicures. Set up a nail bar at your desk and charge a fee for painting your colleague’s nails and toes denim blue.
  4. Gene and Tonics! When the clock strikes five, serve up and sell blue cocktails. Anyone for a ‘gene and tonic’?
  5. Denim swap shop. To satisfy the fashionistas and savvy shoppers, hold a jean swap charging a small fee to take part – you could come away with some free fashionable finds!
  6. Jump into the gene pool! Hold a pool tournament. Charge colleagues an entry fee and award the winner a denim prize!
  7. Hold a Jeanius pub quiz!
  8. Guilty pleasures. We all have a guilty pleasure, so why not give up yours for sponsorship? You could give up your favourite food, hobby, television, social media, alcohol, cigarettes or even your phone. And for the chatterboxes, why not give up your voice in a sponsored silence?
  9. Be competitive. Try a games console tournament, a board or card games evening or a round of musical chairs. Other games include guess the weight of the cake or guess the baby photo competition. If you want something more active try a treasure hunt, denim-egg hunt, or scavenger hunt in teams around your office or the local area, charging to take part in all.
  10. Potty mouth jar. If your office is prone to some foul language, why not set up a swear jar and clean up your act. Donate every time you swear, and the total might soon build up!
  11. Collect spare change. Start a penny war in your office – set up jars to collect spare change in each department or on everyone’s desks and see who can fill theirs first! Guaranteed to bring out your collecting competitive streak!
  12. Get cooking. Try a food-based event for your colleagues like a coffee morning, afternoon tea, or charity lunch. You can charge for all the delicious food and drinks or ask for an entry fee. Other fab foody ideas include hosting a BBQ, a movie night, a cookery demo or even a Come Dine with Me contest!
  13. Get active. Get some daily exercise and walk or cycle to work for a week – ask your colleagues to sponsor you to raise lots of cash.
  14. Denim jukebox. Why not set up a jukebox in your office – ask people to donate to pick a song and play it whilst you’re at work – you could even ask people to select songs beforehand and create a playlist on your iPod.
  15. Hold a Formal Friday. Do you normally wear jeans to work but want to smarten up your look? Then hold a Formal Friday, charging everyone to come in their best suit.
  16. Athletics day. For all the athletic types, why not set up an old school sports day for your organisation? You could have a space hopper race, egg and spoon race, and of course a race in all your denim! Not enough space for sports day? No problem – try Office Olympics, with fastest typing competition and rowing on your wheelie chair!
  17. Get hairy. Some of us are hairier than others – why not take advantage of this to raise some extra money. You could sponsor all the men in the office to grow some crazy facial hair, or shave or wax their bodies! Or take part in sponsored hair dares – try dying your hair blue in honour of Jeans for Genes Day!
  18. Comedy central. Why not try a caption competition in your office, asking for a donation to take part and a prize for the funniest answer.
  19. Denim dance-a-thon. Hold a sponsored dance-a-thon or zumbathon. Or you could host a dance – try salsa, barn or tea dances, charging an entry fee.
  20. X Factor. Have you got a voice to rival Beyonce’s? Then host a karaoke evening with your work mates and sing the night away for a donation each. Don’t forget to wear your denim and sing your heart out to Billie Jean or The Jean Genie!
  21. Get sporty. Try organising a sponsored run, walk, swim or cycle for your organisation with an after party to celebrate your achievement! You could even do the whole event in denim, or your suit if you normally where jeans to work!
  22. Denim Footy. Organise a penalty shoot-out or inter-departmental football tournament, charging players to participate.