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Together we can change lives

YOU, our extraordinary charity partners put the money raised by Jeans for Genes fundraisers to work to change the lives of those across the UK with a life-altering genetic disorder.

This year, we’re changing our funding

We understand that COVID will have had immeasurable impact across your work and your services –  we want to help as much as we can and so the way we fund charities is changing.  A simplified grant application will be open for genetic disorder groups in the UK on 1 July 2021, for funding to be given to groups/charities by Autumn 2021.

Our focus in this funding round will be on supporting small but vital disorder specific charities to adapt, respond and recover from the affects of the Coronavirus pandemic by making grants towards core costs.

Going forward we are open to funding a range of different organisations and approaches to support the genetic disorder community.  We are working on a longer term strategy for our grant making and will update this page in due course.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about eligibility, how to apply or anything else to do with our grants please email Danielle Singleton or call on 07983 839 914 and she will do her best to help.