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Apply for a grant

Together we can change lives

YOU, our extraordinary charity partners put the money raised by Jeans for Genes fundraisers to work to change the lives of those across the UK with a life-altering genetic disorder.

This year, we’re changing our funding

We understand that COVID will have had an immeasurable impact across your work and your services –  we want to help as much as we can and so the way we fund charities is changing.

Our focus in this funding round will be on supporting small but vital disorder specific charities adapt, respond and recover from the affects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

A simplified grant application will be open for genetic disorder charities in the UK on 1 July 2021. The deadline for applications to be submitted is 30 September 2021. In this funding round we will be awarding a series of one- off unrestricted grants of £2,500.

To be eligible to apply charities must:

  1. Be registered with either the Charity Commission for England and Wales, The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland of The Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).
  2. Be a disorder specific charity or a charity whose beneficiaries are solely those with genetic disorders. We are aware that there are many other types of organisations supporting a range of beneficiaries that include those with genetic disorders among them (for example, hospices and special schools), but for this funding round this is not our focus.
  3. Have been operating for a minimum of three years.
  4. Have an annual income of less than £200,000 (as reported in their most recent set of accounts filed with The Charity Commission).
  5. Have free unrestricted reserves that stand at equate to less than six months running costs (please note this does not include budgeted expenditure and designated funds, i.e. funds set aside by the trustees for a specific purpose).
  6. Be able to demonstrate that their finances and mission delivery have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
  7. Not have received a Jeans for Genes grant in 2020.


Going forward we are open to funding a range of different organisations and approaches to support the genetic disorder community.  We are working on a longer term strategy for our grant making that includes both core and project funding which will be launched next year.

We are keen to have the insights of our partner organisations when shaping this new funding strategy. If you would be happy to take part in a short survey, please email

We are holding two zoom Q&A sessions during the application window for potential applicants to learn more about the application process and for us to answer any questions you may have:

Tuesday 6th July: 10:30am – 11:30am

Tuesday 13th July: 1:30pm –  2:30pm

Please email Danielle if you would like to attend either of these sessions and she will send you a link to join the meeting.

How to apply

Download the application form and guidance for applicants below, complete, sign and email as a pdf document to