Jeans for Genes Grant Programme - FAQs - Jeans for Genes


Below are some of the questions we are regularly asked in relation to our grants programme. If you have a question which isn’t included here, please email us at:

Who can apply to the Jeans for Genes Grant Programme?

The Jeans for Genes Grant Programme has two funding strands.  Each strand has its own eligibility criteria, details of which can be found here.

What does Jeans for Genes want to achieve through its Grants Programme?

Jeans for Genes’ grant making strategy is focused on trying to achieve two very ambitious impact goals:

  • Organisations serving the genetic condition community become stronger, more resilient and sustainable improving their ability to meet need and provide appropriate support in the long term; and
  • Every individual in the UK living with a genetic condition and their family is able to access the appropriate support at the time they need it so that they feel supported, valued and included.

Where do the funds come from?

We raise funds through our annual Jeans for Genes campaign and through other fundraising initiatives throughout the year. Funds are then granted to charities via our grants programme.

How do we apply

The Jeans for Genes Grant Application Form and Guidance for Applicants will be available to download here on 2 October 2023

Do you provide grants to individuals?

No, we only provide grants to constituted patient groups or charities that are registered and regulated by one of the UK’s charity regulators.  Our charity partners are specialists with the necessary expertise required to put the money raised by Jeans for Genes fundraisers to work to change the lives of those across the UK with a genetic condition.

When will funding be available?

This year’s funding round will be open for applications between 2 October and 13 November 2023.  Successful applicants will receive the funds into their organisation’s bank account in March 2024.

What type of funding do you give?

The Jeans for Genes Grant Programme is comprised of two strands of funding:

  • Core cost funding strand – we will award front line, genetic condition charities who have previously been funded by Jeans for Genes single year grants of up to £3,000 towards their organisation’s core costs to enable them to be in a stronger, more resilient position to continue to provide vital support to their communities, in the long term; and
  • Project funding strand – we will award single year project grants of up to £3,000 to a front line, genetic condition charities so that individuals living with a genetic condition and their families can access the right support at the time they need it so that they feel supported, valued and included.

How much can we ask for?

The maximum level of funding available via either funding strand is £3,000 (the maximum project grant available to constituted groups who are not registered with one of the UK charity regulators is £1,500).

Can we apply if we are a new organisation?

Through or core costs funding strand we want to fund established organisations (by this we mean at least 18 months old and have published their first set of annual accounts) that have a track record of providing direct services and support to those with a genetic condition.  New organisations are welcome to apply for a project grant.

Can CICs or Social Enterprises apply?

CICs or social enterprises are welcome to apply for funding for projects designed to solely benefit those living with a genetic condition and their families. They are not eligible to apply to our core costs funding strand.

You have funded us in the past, can we apply again?

Yes.  You can only apply to our core costs funding strand if you have received a project grant from us within the last three years.

Do you fund charities outside the UK?

No, organisations must be based in and working within the UK.

How will we know that you have received our application?

All applications will be acknowledged by email following submission.

Do you provide feedback on applications?

We are a small team and we receive a large volume of applications to our grant programme, which makes providing comprehensive feedback to every unsuccessful charity challenging.  Having said that, we will do our best to provide feedback where requested.

If changes occur to our organisation after we have applied, do we need to inform Jeans for Genes?

Yes – please keep us updated of any important changes that may affect the outcome of your application. This is especially important if your contact details change, or if the person who submitted the application leaves your organisation.

If we are successful, what will be expected of us?

Each funding strand has different monitoring and reporting requirements.  Please refer to the Guidance for Applicants document for more information.

We regard our grant programme as an opportunity to create a learning partnership with the charities that receive Jeans for Genes funding.  Jeans for Genes will shine a spotlight on the experiences of families in the UK living with a genetic condition, and the wonderful work of our charity partners and ask that our charity partners help us raise awareness of the Jeans for Genes campaign and it’s impact.

Although it is not a formal condition of a grant award that your organisation takes part in these awareness raising activities, it would be helpful to know at the application stage if you envisage any issues with the following:

  • Promoting your Jeans for Genes Day grant in your organisation’s communications, including in newsletters and social media and the difference it will make to your organisation’s services.
  • Displaying the Jeans for Genes’ partnership logo on your organisation’s website for a duration of one year following the awarding of a grant.
  • Providing us with quotes, photos, case studies and/or videos demonstrating your charity’s work in action to use on the Jeans for Genes website, social media platforms and fundraising materials to help us communicate to the public why signing up to hold a Jeans for Genes Day is so important.

Do you put a limit on the amount of reserves we can hold?

No, but organisations holding more than one year’s expenditure in unrestricted funds without a reason will be considered as a lower priority.

Do you award multi-year grants?

At present, multi-year grants are not available via the Jeans for Genes Grant Programme.